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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for HERstory

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This month’s blog post is a bit different than the usual business tips or copywriting advice I dole out for you all. As a female entrepreneur and small business owner, I wanted to use my platform this Women’s History Month to highlight some fellow female entrepreneurs that I admire. Some of these women I know on a personal level, some on a professional level, some both, and others are just owner’s of businesses I love and support.

And since it’s Women’s History Month, I am giving you all a very specific call to action this month. Find a way to support at least 1 local, woman owned business in your community. Buy goods or services from them. Give them shout-outs on your social media platforms. Tell your friends and family about them through word of mouth. Any and every small thing you do to spread the word about these businesses will have an impact on helping them continue to grow and help the communities they serve.

Check out what I have to say about these incredible women owned businesses below, and then head over to their websites or social media and check them out yourself.

1. Ashley Adams Art & Design

As Ashley says, “art is life, life is art”, which is something she completely and fully embodies. A SoCal native and local resident, Ashley is not only an incredibly talented artist, but she is also an amazing freelance graphic designer. Her artwork has been featured in several galleries throughout the country, the most recent being at the Eduardo Lira Art Gallery in Miami. The works of art Ashley creates are based on her experiences as a biracial woman growing up in America, while also celebrating her Colombian and African roots. There are original canvas pieces available for sale, as well as prints of her original pieces. Head over to her website to check out some beautiful artwork that will make a great addition to any household décor.

(website www.ashleyadamsart.com, Instagram @ashleyadams.artdesign)

2. Bossy Cosmetics

This Leaping Bunny certified beauty brand started with founder Aishetu Dozie’s love of lipstick. She created this mission driven cosmetics company with the goal of “empowering all women to look, feel, and do good”. Aside from offering amazing ethically-made beauty products (seriously, check out their lipsticks), a percentage of each purchase is donated to their non-profit partners: Women at Risk International Foundation and Women’s Link Worldwide. Read about their story and mission on their website, and then get a little treat yo’ self gift just because you deserve it.

(website www.bossybeauty.com, Instagram @bossylipstick)

3. Emily Marsh - Digital Brand Manager

If you are a small business owner or a solopreneur, then Emily is the undiscovered tool you never knew you needed in your toolbox. As a digital brand manager, Emily makes it her mission to provide customized business support for her clients. If you’re feeling like there isn’t enough time in your day to get everything done for your business that you need to, get in touch with Emily. She will listen to your needs and customize a package for you that will help set you and your business up for success. Contact her today and see for yourself the value she can bring to your business.

(website www.itsemilymarsh.com, currently under construction; Instagram @itsemilymarsh)

4. Franklin Blended Learning Service

Belinda Franklyn has spent the past 10+ years traveling the world dedicating herself to education and sharing that passion with her students. Her experience living and traveling abroad inspired her to create a virtual learning platform that connects people from all over the world. Belinda’s passion for teaching isn’t limited to the classroom; FBLS also provides academic coaching/mentoring, as well as virtual yoga classes. Head to her Instagram account to message her directly for more information on the details and pricing of her services.

(website www.franklynblsedu.com, currently under construction; Instagram @franklyn_bls)

5. Harriett’s Bookshop

This woman owned bookshop in Philadelphia is named after the one and only Harriett Tubman; iconic historical heroine and overall badass abolitionist. They are an “indie bookshop celebrating women authors, women artists, and women activists”. Harriett’s has also partnered with Bookshop.org to raise money for local bookstores that are competing with an ever growing online and virtual world. They share the belief that local bookstores provide a safe space for people in the communities in which they are located. Luckily for you, Harriett’s ships their book all over the country. Look through their current collections and order a new book for your personal library today!

(website www.harriettsbookshop.com, Instagram @harrietts_bookshop)

6. Holly Anderson - Life Coach

Have a lot of ideas that you’d like to work on turning into a reality, but you’re not sure where or how to start? Get it touch with life coach Holly Anderson, an absolute innovator when it comes to helping people figure out those next steps. She is great at seeing the bigger picture and determining the best business strategies to implement with your ideas. One of the best things about Holly is she always seems to know someone; she’s got an eclectic network that most people can only dream of. Head over to her Instagram page to book your free ideation session today!

(Instagram @hollycanderson)

7. Nutrivenience

Plant-based, healthy eating has never looked, or tasted, so good! Bre Thomas is making it her mission to educate people about the benefits of eating whole, clean foods through her meal delivery service in Orange County. Her approach to food is making it nutrient dense and plant-based, while adhering to the dirty dozen list provided by the Environmental Working Group each spring. Menu items include meals such as PB&J Parfait, Taco Toast, Crab-less cakes, and Avo-Cacao Pudding to name a few. However, the menu is constantly changing throughout the months and seasons, so you will never get bored of what Nutrivenience has to offer! Head over to the website to check out the current menu and the options available for ordering. (Please note - this is only available in Orange County.)

(website www.nutrivenience.net, Instagram @nutrivenience)

8. Simona Shapiro - Personal Coach

Simona’s approach to life is “don’t just explain your philosophy, embody it”; which is exactly what she offers through her personal coaching. You’re not just investing in a coach when you start working with Simona, but also in the relationship you have with yourself as well. If you’re looking to progress forward into the potential that you know is there, or level up into an even higher version of yourself, Simona has a wide range of services to suit your personal needs. As a bonus, she even offers payment plan options for people who need some flexibility when it comes to paying. Go see all of the amazing services Simona offers on her website and book a 30 minutes introductory chat now to start your journey.

(www.simonashapiro.com, Instagram @simonashapiro)

9. Steph Plotts Art

Steph Plotts is an artist based out of Columbus, Ohio. She has an eye for creating vibrantly colorful paintings in different abstract forms. There have been a few local establishments around the city that have displayed her work. Her use and application of colors is sublime. Check out her Instagram account to see her work for yourself! Send her a direct message if you'd like to commission a painting as décor for your house or office. You can also check out her Etsy shop to buy some other products she sells, such as stickers. Steph has an adult coloring book that is going to be published in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for that goodie.

(website www.esty.com/shop/StephPlottsArt, Instagram @stephplotts.designs)

10. StuffEyeMade

Next time you are looking for unique, but beautiful gifts for friends or family, consider these handcrafted resin pieces of art perfect for any occasion. Carli Meyer is the magic hands behind these beautifully crafted works of art. Some of her most popular items customers order are coaster sets (comes with 4), bookmarks, and storage containers for your knickknacks. There are specifications you can give for your order, such as color options and shape designs, or feel free to let Carli use her artistic creativity when making your items. Go check out her Instagram account to see her work! And keep an eye out for her Etsy shop coming soon.

(Instagram @stuffeyemade)

11. The Sweat Society

This virtual fitness platform focused on studio and instructor training and development is the brainchild of co-founders Alisha Molina and Angie Hamblin. These incredible women have spent the past decade (and then some!) honing their skills as instructors and trainers with numerous studios across the country. Together, they created a virtual space for instructors of all levels (even aspiring ones!) that helps build and develop skills that will expand the potential of all instructors. As of now, their workshops and sweat sessions are being offered virtually. However, once COVID restrictions start to lift, keep an eye out for in-person workshops and events! Visit their website to learn more about these boss babes and all the details of the services they offer.

(website www.oursweatsociety.com, Instagram @thesweatsociety)

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