Masterfully crafted copy has the potential to provide unlimited success for any business of any size. That is my core belief as a copywriter. To better know who I am (Hi! I’m Sara, by the way), answering the question of why I love being a copywriter is the best place to start. Simply put, copywriting gives me the opportunity to combine my love of writing and passion for helping people all in one. I know copywriting may bring to mind sales pitches or marketing campaigns and ads for most people, but to me, it truly embodies much more than that. Skillfully constructed copy is the key for ultimate success - and your success is my success.

Writing IS my background; it's in my DNA. My writing background isn't limited to one field, either. With my past experiences ranging from teaching to journalism to technical and content writing, I have had the opportunity to hone my writing skills across several different mediums and styles. I count myself lucky enough to have had the opportunity to live and travel extensively, both internationally and stateside. The time spent getting to know and understand regional and cultural aspects that make different places special has helped me learn to effectively communicate with different audiences. These two particular features are what set me apart from other copywriters.

Another thing that sets me apart from other copywriters? The fact I have five of the furriest and cutest co-workers anyone could ask for! They help make sure that morale stays high around the office each day and that no deadlines are ever missed.

If you'd like to discuss working together in more detail, please reach out to me and let's schedule a FREE discovery call! My goal is to help you and your business achieve the level of success you know is possible.